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Life Beyond the Field

Honor the 50 Years that have since passed by sharing stories and memories of our beloved Cowboys

While our boys will always be remembered as Cowboy football players, they were so much more. To mark the 50 years that have passed, we are collecting personal stories and accounts that honor their memory and life 'beyond the field'. Share your stories today by emailing us at

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50th Anniversary


In an effort to continue honoring the memory of those we lost by helping our cowboys of the future, we will be launching events to mark the 50th anniversary of the bus crash in 2021.

While you can always donate using the button below, please consider participating in one of our upcoming fundraising events or by sharing fond memories of our athletes, both on and off the field.

We want to honor our cowboys by highlighting stories off the field from family and friends. Please email us at to submit a story we can highlight.

Follow our Current GHS Cowboy Football Team.

1971 GHS Football Memorial Foundation News Updates

2021 Press Release Archives

Click on a file to open, print, and read our archived press releases. Our most recent information is highlighted at the top of this page.

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A Homecoming to Remember

Our 50th remembrance anniversary was a huge success. The community of Gunnison truly rallied. A new generation of students and cowboy fans committed to our mission is evident and we are forever grateful for all of the effort, work, and love we shared on September 11, 2021.

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GHS Football Team Visits Memorial

Our current GHS Cowboy Football Team visited the memorial this year with their coach on September 11, 2019. Follow their story on Facebook or Instagram.

Scholarship Updates

Scholarships are available for current and former GHS graduates.

Please take a look at our growing list of scholarship recipients. Our 2021 recipients will have been announced.

The 1971 GHS Football Memorial Foundation, Inc. has awarded well over $100,000 to these fine students and we hope to increase the scholarship amounts as finances allow.

If you would like to donate to this cause, and the non profit foundation, please contact us to do so.

Cowboy Memorial Stadium Dedication

The dedication of the new Cowboy Memorial Stadium was held in September of 2011 and The 1971 GHS Football Memorial Foundation Inc. would like to thank each and every GHS student and faculty member for their contributions in making the new stadium a reality. The dedication was touching as well as fitting and this class of classy seniors did not stop there. They have featured this event along with an interview with Pat MacIntosh and photos of our “Cowboys Forever”in their 2012 GHS yearbook. It is very well done and so we say “well done GHS, well done!”

Moving Forward: The Impact the GHS 1971 Bus Tragedy Has Made on Today