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Honoring Their Story.

Protecting Our Future.

Forever Cowboys.

1971 GHS Football Memorial Board of Directors

Jenny ‘Pasqua’ Ampietro

I have been on the 1971 GHS Football Memorial Foundation, Inc. since 2007.
I wanted to be on this board to help in anyway I could so this tragedy would never be forgotten.
This board is a small group but is very powerful in all its accomplishments including GHS Scholarships every year and participating in Bus Safety.

Roxie Rule

Roxie graduated class of 1973, she joined the Foundation Board in 2007.
Roxie and her family continue to own and operate Western Lumber of Gunnison as they have for many years. She decided to get involved with the foundation because she didn’t want the past to be forgotten.
She believes that by giving scholarships to Gunnison High School Student every year, it keeps the memory of those we lost in 1971 going. Roxie hopes others will continue to be involved and support this very worthy cause.

Matt Robbins

Matt was almost 16 years old when he and the entire community was rocked by the Junior Varsity football team’s bus accident in 1971.
The 1971 football team dedicated the rest of our season to their fallen coach and team mates.
Matt was born and raised in Gunnison County and graduated from Gunnison High School in 1973. He is married to Denai, and they have raised raised 3 children, Mandy, Nicole, and Matthew in the Gunnison Valley.

Tom Stoeber

More about Tom and his commitment to the foundation coming soon.

Pat MacIntosh

Pat was on the bus in September of 1971, and like Bill, lost several friends in the tragedy.
He has been a member of the board and foundation since its inception and continues to be especially involved in the bus safety arm of the same.
Pat and his wife Susan, raised their daughters in Gunnison and continue to live and work here. Pat is fleet manager for the City of Gunnison and his knowledge of mechanics is a blessing to the board in monitoring bus safety.

Bill Marshall

Bill graduated in the GHS class of 1974 and was a member of the team. Bill was on the bus and is a survivor of the accident that occurred on September 11, 1971.

Tammy Lee Dyce

Tammy is our newest addition and we are so happy to have her on board.

Jessica Stone Waggoner, PC

Jessica graduated from GHS and is the daughter of Jess and Jeannie Stone, the wife of Dillon Waggoner and the mother of Tea Waggoner.
She also graduated from Denver University School of Law and is currently an attorney in the DA’s office in Gunnison.
She joined the board in 2010 as profession council and has been a wonderful addition to our foundation.