Bus Safety

The Paul Medina Safe Bus Driver Award

Paul Medina was instrumental in establishing the minimum school bus safety standards for the state of Colorado after the 1971 tragedy. Many other states have adopted these standards that are known as "The Gunnison Package". These safety standards remain in effect to this day.

The manufacturing improvements include reinforced roof and sidewall frame structure with extensive riveting and improved transmission, braking, and other mechanical features. Our foundation is honored to select an annual Paul Medina Safe Bus Driver Award recipient for bus drivers who carry on Paul's commitment to keeping our children and grandchildren as safe as humanly possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Paul Medina!

Photo Credit: Gunnison Country Times

2020 Safe Bus Driver Recipient

Nanette Oswald

Meet Miss Nanette, our 3-time Bus Safety Award Recipient. A devoted and beloved bus driver for 36 years, Nanette Oswald was trained by Paul Medina. She was a first grader in Gunnison, CO and remembers 1971 well. She has won the hearts of many of her passengers over the years and retired in 2020. Read more about her accomplishments and legacy here.

Former Paul Medina Bus Safety Award Recipients

2019 -

  • 2019 Ted Bemis & All Drivers


  • 2018 Ted Bemis & All Drivers

  • 2017 Jerry Burgess

  • 2016 Nanette Oswald

  • 2015 Marvin Hamilton

  • 2014 Richard Smith


  • 2013 Paul Buck

  • 2012 Richard Smith

  • 2011 Shari Weber

  • 2010 Nanette Oswald

  • 2009 Norman Artas


  • 2008 Lori Smock

  • 2007 Paul Medina

  • 2006 Bill Beaver